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Bettering what you do



In many businesses, employees, managers, and owners know the issues costing the business money. Those issues don’t change. They persist because the problems feel too big to tackle. These problems are surmountable! Let’s tackle them and reclaim the money you’ve been leaving on the table.

Process Human Factors Consulting helps businesses run more effectively, more profitably, and with a greater sense of calm, clarity, and confidence by listening, learning, and using a proven method of attaining the true root of the problem. The technique is solid and applicable across all industries. Let ProcessHF help you.

Process Human Factors Consulting: Bettering What You Do

Call ProcessHF to redefine effectiveness in your business

Why ProcessHF


ProcessHF looks at how the processes work in your business.  Recommendations are made based on ProcessHF’s analysis, which means that all of our recommendations are completely customized for you.  When the recommendations are presented, people often say, “I should have realized that.”  To us, that means we did our job well.  The recommendation is such a good fit that it already feels like the way you want to run your business!  In addition, we can both see that implementing the recommendations will save money and open new opportunities.

Who We Work With

“Domain agnostic” … the analysis tools utilized by ProcessHF are broadly applicable.  They have been successfully applied in domains ranging from healthcare to law to construction services to food preparation … and more!  Process problems tend to hide in plain sight and the symptoms can be painful.  Book a consult today and let’s find out if your biggest challenges can be defeated.

About Samuel J. Alper, Ph.D.


Dr. Samuel J. Alper is the founder of Process Human Factors Consulting, LLC.  He started the company based on a desire to help businesses improve their workplace, improve how they get things done, and realize that such improvement is attainable.  His approach empowers business people to identify specific actions they can take to meet their goals.  An engineer, juggler, and new father, Sam was recently honored when a business colleague referred to him as a “fellow nerd.”

Dr. Alper received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he focused on Human Factors, analysis of complex systems, and understanding why people break safety protocol.  He has been called on to testify as an expert witness, has presented in front of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and has reviewed communications, products, and processes across dozens of industries. 

Dr. Alper uses his background to help clients identify the root causes of their business issues and to address those business issues in a manner consistent with the goals of the business and its employees.

Robert Parks

President - Strategic Enhancement Group

As the owner and president of a small business to business company, I don’t have the time or expertise to deal with some of the systemic challenges that virtually every business faces. Fortunately, I met Sam Alper and found his unique talent and skills were perfect to deal with many of my business challenges.

Sam is smart which allows him to gain an understanding of our business and the particular issue we needed to improve quickly. His education has given him the tools to analyze the whole issue. He can then identify how the process really works, what works well and what needs to change to make that part of our business less expensive, faster or better overall.

I would encourage any business leader to look at Sam and his process as a way to improve their business and uncomplicate their work.

Rick Pacysnski

Masco Corp., Senior Corporate Counsel (retired)

“What makes working with Sam Alper – and Process Human Factors – such a delightful and valuable experience is the extent to which he ensures he understands more than just the task articulated.  He understands the overarching goal and its significance to your organization.  As a consequence, Sam delivers more than what you expect – he delivers what you really need.  Add to this he’s always cognizant of cost and is wonderfully flexible in meeting your budget.”

Cody Braun

President of The Tranel Financial Group

After meeting with Sam I was intrigued as I knew we had some areas that needed to be broken down that the team and I were unable to get to the core of because we were so in it. As we began the initial process I found myself being protective and thinking what could he really tell us that we didn’t already know? As Sam asked questions he helped us break down the process into several smaller pieces to really understand where we needed to start to identify different areas of improvement.

Fast forward to his findings presentation we were blown away. We had several AHA moments and he was able to articulate multiple ideas to help us think differently about streamlining our process. We look forward to working with Sam on future projects and I highly recommend giving Sam the opportunity to show you how he can streamline your business. One idea reduced our workload by 30%, that is exponential