ProcessHF helps business owners run their businesses more profitably and with a greater sense of calm, clarity, and confidence. Improve your workplace … one process at a time!

The analysis tools utilized by ProcessHF are broadly applicable. Not only have they been applied across a number of domains, they have been applied across a variety of types of problems.  The reason this analysis works is because it delves to the root a business – its processes. 


PROCESS HUMAN FACTORS CONSULTING, LLC looks at how people interact with the tools, people and environment around them. Underlying issues sometimes cause undue stress and poor performance. Simple changes can improve performance, make people feel better supported and help them feel happier in their positions.

Why an outside firm? It’s hard to evaluate yourself.  Especially when you know how things are “supposed” to work.  Your tendency will be to see human error, and to ignore the system design problems that lead to that human error.  If ProcessHF can help you identify the system design issues, and fix them, we should minimize the human error and identify new opportunities for your business to excel.

Process Human Factors Consulting: Bettering What You Do

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