Problem Statement

The very first step in working with Process Human Factors Consulting, LLC (ProcessHF) is to share your view of the problem statement.  What do you think is wrong?  Why do you think this problem exists?  What does this problem cause?  Simply put, what is the business issue you’d like to address?

Our goal in this step is to arrive at a shared understanding of the problem and its impact on your business.

With an understanding of the issue you are facing, we next need to develop a plan for dissecting and diagnosing the problem.

Diagnosis, Scoping

We begin by reviewing the people and processes involved in the problem.  We also review the people and processes impacted by the problem.  Finally, we explore if any other people and/or processes need to be examined relative to the problem.  With this information, we develop a draft action plan to determine which people, processes, and systems will be the focus of the Analysis.

Our goal in this step is to arrive at a shared and agreed upon plan of action for analyzing the business issue you have identified.

The Diagnosis, Scoping session typically lasts 60-90 minutes.  During this discussion, it is common to unveil insights about your process that suggest new paths forward.  In some cases, no further analysis from ProcessHF is required.

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