At this point, ProcessHF conducts the agreed upon inspection of your system to better understand your business issue.  As a result, ProcessHF arrives at an enhanced understanding of the identified people, processes, tools, technologies, and systems that may be contributing to the business issue you’ve identified.  At any point, if ProcessHF feels that further inspection is unlikely to improve the outcome, we will contact you and brief you on the current situation. 


A check-in meeting after the inspection can be used to share key findings and insights.  At this time, we discuss the inspection, answer the question “how did it go?,” and determine if other areas should be examined.  A benefit of the check-in meeting is that it can be conducted shortly after completion of the Inspection – before post-Inspection analysis of the data is conducted. 

After the Inspection is complete, the collected data is Analyzed and put into a form for presentation.  Presentation of the collected data and of the analysis that follows can take many forms, including PowerPoint slides, a formal report, and flowcharts depicting the process and opportunities within it.

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